Educational institution

Customer Challenge

Our customer provides educational services to international students. Their evolving business needs and increased transformation of products to digital platforms was driving a need for change. A pending cyber security program and need to meet GDPR to support international expansion was driving the need to improve compliance and security outcomes. IT was spending too much time keeping the lights on to be able to focus on the strategic needs of the business.

How we helped

We engaged with the client’s business and technology staff to understand their needs and challenges. Working with the customer team we:

  • Developed a vision of how identity will support the business in the future
  • Showed how to move from the current state to a future vision
  • Generated support from stakeholders
  • Planned future budget and practical steps to meet business challenges
  • Planned how to take control of user access, which included staff, students and external consumers.


The customer has a clear and executable direction for identity and access management. The roadmap execution is ongoing, though has currently delivered improved user experience and security for staff, resulting in advances toward defined cyber security outcomes and productivity.

The customer has direction to improve security and compliance outcomes and is rapidly maturing the identity and access management outcomes.


December 10, 2018


Case Study


Educational Institution