UNSW Global Identity Management Program

The Case for Change

UNSW Global provides leading university pathway programs, comprehensive language courses, and flexible English language teacher training. After experiencing significant growth, existing processes and ways of working became strained against the need to provide a superior student experience and meet the growing threat landscape.

These factors drove the need to digitise workplace practices and uplift IT operations.

To meet these challenges, UNSW Global IT saw the need for digital transformation and selected Rowe Consulting to support the risks associated with identity management and increasing their digital footprint. Working with UNSW Global specific needs, Rowe Consulting drove the development of a strategic approach to identity management and deployed an Identity Program initiative to deliver:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced security
  • A foundation for ongoing digital transformation

            “You can’t have privacy without security, and you can’t have security without identity” 

UNSW Global recognised the importance of cyber security remains at the core of digital transformation and a robust identity program is crucial to effective cyber security.

How Rowe Consulting Addressed the Challenge

We worked closely with UNSW Global to:

  • Establish a strategic approach for identity to meet cyber security, operational, and productivity outcomes
  • Uplift process and approach to better enable automation and support desired business outcomes.
  • Deployment of a SaaS identity Governance solution

The program required deep engagement with UNSW Global business and technical stakeholders to tailor the approach to identity and to assess the key areas to be addressed. Once the business outcomes were identified, we identified the technology components to encompass multiple capabilities to meet the needs. The SailPoint IdentityNow SaaS solution for identity governance was selected to complement the existing deployment of Azure AD for access management. The toolsets were configured to integrate and manage the lifecycle of staff and students.

After deployment, ongoing support has ensured the capability remains operational.

Outcomes and Benefits

The project provided UNSW Global with real business outcomes:

  • Improved cyber security with the ability to automate user on board and termination, visibility of user access with reporting and review, and streamlined password management
  • Improved productivity by streamlining interaction of HR, Student Management, and IT to enable business led management of employee and student lifecycles
  • Improved operational efficiency by reducing the load on IT services for day to day platform and account management, and response to audit requests

UNSW Global reported the following benefits for the delivery of the identity program:

  • Ability to better report on cyber security KPIs
  • Reduced the time and resources needed to respond to identity related audit items by 80-90%
  • Implementation of SaaS created an opportunity for cost-savings – UNSW Global do not need to manage infrastructure components of the service
  • Reduced the time and resources needed for onboarding activity by 80%, across both HR and IT
  • Reduced the time and resources needed for compliance, i.e. if an employee has not completed the HR process, they will not have access

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22 May, 2020


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